Friday, November 20, 2015

The Beast Of Turin

The Fiat S76 was factory built in 1911 to attempt the land speed record. It has, still to this day, the largest automobile engine ever built (there were cars built with bigger engines but they were all aeroplane engines).
Four in line cylinders, four valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft and a ludicrous displacement of 28.3 litres!
The record attempt was ultimately unsuccessful due to bad weather and the fact that the two clear runs had to be made between trams! So while a top speed of 290kph (180mph) was supposedly possible - the recorded attempt "only" managed an average of 225kph (140mph) - only 1.7mph below the world record.
Only two S76's were made and only one has been restored and it's one of the most terrifying things on four wheels! Here's a clip of the restored "Beast Of Turin" going for a drive at Goodwood earlier this year - what a sound!!!

edit 20/12/15 - Having just watched "The Force Awakens" I'm pretty sure this car was the inspiration for a vehicle featured prominently early in the film!

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